Structural bioinformatics
Undergraduate Course in Bioinformatics Program; Winter semester

The course provides broad introduction into the field of structural bioinformatics with  focus on protein structures. Basic information on the essential algorithms is provided together with the training in the selected methods proven successful for particular problem.

  1. Introduction to structural bioinformatics
  2. Structure of biomacromolecules
  3. Databases of experimental structures
  4. Models of structures and their quality control
  5. Stability and dynamics of macromolecules
  6. Analysis of protein structure
  7. Predicting structure of macromolecular complexes
  8. Analysis of protein-protein complexes 
  9. Analysis of protein-small molecule complexes
  10. Modification of protein structure & effect of mutations
  11. Application of structural bioinformatics - drug discovery & protein engineering

Course website (restricted access)

Applied structural bioinformatics for biotechnology
Postgraduate course; Summer semester

The course aims to introduce practically useful structural bioinformatics methods with verified applications in biotechnological research to non-specialists. The foundation of the course lies in hands-on experience with selected user-friendly tools and approaches of computational protein engineering and discovery of bioactive ligands.

  1. Retrieval, verification & visualization of protein structures
  2. Analysis of protein structures - relevant sites & regions
  3. Computational protein engineering I - mutational hot-spots & smart libraries
  4. Computational protein engineering II - designing stability and solubility
  5. Molecular docking -  hunting enzyme inhibitors & substrates
  6. No structure available? - essentials of structure prediction

Course website (restricted access)