Open Positions

Want to join our laboratory?

We are continuously looking for enthusiastic and motivated colleagues with backgrounds in biophysics, biochemistry, bioinformatics, computer science or related fields, who love to dive into details of biomolecular structure-function relationships or to devise novel algorithms, protocols and software tools to study them.

Postdoctoral Researchers

We have several open positions for a Post-doctoral fellow interested in the application of the cutting-edge molecular simulation methods to investigate mechanisms governing the transport of ligands in enzymes. The acquired knowledge will be crucial to enable discoveries of the molecular origins of transport-related pathologies, improvements of binding kinetics of lead-like compounds, and engineering of improved biocatalysts. See these links for more details:


Also, should you be interested in co-applying for funding from national (e.g., POLONEZ, HOMING, SONATINA, SONATA) or international (e.g., MCIF, EMBO LTF) sources get in touch with us (please attach your CV to speed-up the process).

Ph.D. Candidates

Currently, we have no open position available.

Bachelor or Master Students

Students interested in preparing their Bachelor or Master theses are always welcome in our laboratory. We can offer topics focused on studying various aspects of biomolecular systems and/or method development. Ask about currently available topics.