Dissertation defenses of two labmembers

Carlos Eduardo Sequeiros Borja and Bartłomiej Surpeta will go last leg of their doctoral journey in our laboratory this October.

Best of luck!


Publication in Bioinformatics

What a start of the new year… The paper describing our software just got published in Bioinformatics – congrats to all authors!

Brezovsky J, Thirunavukarasu AS, Surpeta B, Sequeiros-Borja CE, Mandal N,  Sarkar DK, Dongmo Foumthuim CJ, Agrawal N, 2022: TransportTools: a library for high-throughput analyses of internal voids in biomolecules and ligand transport through them. Bioinformatics (Advance article DOI: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btab872). full text